What is microchipping?

  • A small chip, slightly larger than a grain of rice, is implanted in the scruff of your pet's neck, in a very quick and simple process.

  • The procedure does not require an anaesthetic and is no more painful than a standard vaccination

  • We use Tracer Advance Microchips which is contained within an almost unbreakable polymer coating which is ten times stronger than glass microchips.

  • It sits safely and comfortably under your pet's skin.

  • The microchip holds a unique number and when it is scanned using a microchip scanner, the number can be obtained.

  • This unqique number along with your pet's details and contact information is held within a database.

As from April 2016 it is now Compulsory for All Dogs to be Microchipped

As a dog owner, there are 5 things you need to know about the new legislation.

  1. Your dog MUST be microchipped and registered on a government compliant database, such as Petlog by April 2016.
  2. All puppies born from April 2016 must be microchipped and registered on a government compliant databse by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old
  3. When you buy a puppy it is important that it is microchipped and registered on a government compliant database from April 2016

  4. Your database records MUST be kept up to date with any changes including address and phone number.

  5. Petlog carries a lifetime guarantee. Make sure you choose a Petlog implanter.


Failure to comply with regulations could lead to enforcement action including a fine of £500.


Get your dog microchipped and have the assurance that should he become lost (or be stolen), he is more likely to be returned to you safe and sound.

Microchipping also has a number of other welfare benefits, including:

  • All puppies are traceable to their breeder thereby helping reduce the problem of puppy farming and lessening the incidence of infectious disease and inherited defects from which many of these dogs suffer

  • Deterrent to dog theft

  • Allows for rapid return, meaning that local authorities are able to emphasise to the dog owners concerned that straying is not acceptable, the intention being that this education will lessen the likelihood of a dog straying again and reinforce the responsibilities of the owners under the Animal Welfare Act 2006

  • Easier identification and subsequent arrests of owners culpable of animal cruelty

  • Enables veterinary surgeons to contact dog owners for emergency procedures

  • Allows identification of dogs in properties in emergency situations so that dogs and owners can be moved and reunited more quickly.


Microchipping is only effective if you keep your details up to date, which will be a legal requirement under the new laws for dogs. If you move house or change your telephone number you must make sure that you tell the database you are registered with so that they have your up-to-date details.